Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tweet Tweet... Who is Miss Chickadee ?

 Miss. Chickadee is the online avatar for the Editor of Lehigh Valley Find and Go Seek! You'll see her peeping around all over the site, reviewing, posting and blogging about whats new in the area.

Miss. Chickadee is a lovely little bird, chirping all about everything going on the in the Lehigh Valley.  In real life Miss. Chickadee is a working mom and wife with a three year old and a young baby.  She loves traveling and capturing images of her little ones with her camera.  She can be found discovering new and interesting ways to entertain her kids.  Miss. Chickadee has a passion for quality children’s events and activities and has her eyes on everything happening from Allentown all the way to Easton.

Miss. Chickadee is a social bird, who loves to meet new and interesting members of the community and is passionate about helping families navigate the Lehigh Valley and finding everything that it has to offer. She isn’t shy so if you see her out with her flock be sure to say hello!

Miss. Chickadee also has a knack for being a planner and is very organized. She will remind us when to buy those seasonal event tickets, where the best fairs, festivals and activities can be found, and how to please a three-, six- and ten-year old all at the same time!

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