Monday, June 24, 2013

Cherries at Strawberry Acres!

We braved the heat this morning to pick some fresh cherries at Strawberry Acres in Coplay.  There were few people picking today despite the cherries being in prime picking condition.  We rode their "bus" to the picking fields after checking in at the counter to get a bucket.  The ride was rather bumpy! I had to tightly hold on to both kids.


We picked with the help of some of the staff for a little while.  They pulled branches down for my 3 year old to reach and so should could pull them off the branches.  The shade of the trees was cool and I didn't seem too hot when out of the sun.  We didn't fill the bucket, because I knew we wouldn't be able to eat all of them! The staff was so friendly and helpful.

                            Our haul! We paid $3.50 per lb, and left with just over 2 lbs.

 The farm was all but empty when we visited, there were about 3 cars in the gravel lot when we arrived. From start to finish we were there less than an hour.  You could certainly spend more time picking but for a quick morning outing it was just right! I recommend going on a weekday if you can, as I am sure crowds are much heavier on weekends.  Cherry season is finishing up soon, get there ASAP and always call ahead 610-261-2323 or check their HOTLINE page on their site to see what is available for picking.

                                                   So proud of her "baby" cherries!!!!

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