Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Tree Hunting" at Beck Yule Farm

 Click here for a list of Lehigh Valley Tree Farms
 Some Tree Choppin' Tips
  • Wear boots, or shoes you are OK with getting muddy.
  • Bring a blanket to lay down on when you cut the tree, keeps mud and sap off of your coat.
  • Grab a saw! (they're usually available at the farm)
  • We visited Beck's Yule Farm this year, but we have a great list of Lehigh Valley Tree Farms here so find one that will work for you! Beck's is located just north of Schnecksville, close to a number of areas.
  • Allow for about an hour and 1/2 (2 of you are very picky) to arrive, cut, bundle and pay for your tree.
  • Be sure to ask for your tree to be drilled if you have a Tree Stand that requires a pin.
  • Grab a cart if available, and sometimes measuring sticks are available, so you can make sure you get the right size tree (it can be hard to judge when amoungst 1,000's of them what size is right)

Our yearly "Griswold-esque" tree hunting was chiiillllllyyyy this year! In fact my kids implemented a boycott due to the cold.  They hung out in the car with Mimi while the brave ones and made the hike up the hill to cut the tree. The little ones made a brief appearance when everything was just about done.

Though we have always had excellent luck at Hill Farms in Lehighton and they have an amazing gift shop and wreath shop, which we love warming up in each year. We visited Beck Yule Farm this year forgoing our usual trek to Lehighton's due the lack of time and a desire to stay closer to home.

Tree carts are available at Beck Yule Farm! There is a significant incline you need to climb on the walk to cut your tree, Various species are spaced up along the hill, so depending on what type you are looking for you may have a bit of a walk.  We got a Frasier Fur which was about half way up the hill.

Beautiful views at Beck Yule Farm
There is a snack stand at the farm that offers warm foods near the little shed you pay at. Christmas cookies and other treats and warm drinks are available. 

When we visited (Saturday) Santa was at the farm, taking pictures with kids and handing our candy canes. My daughter wouldn't get within 20 feet of him but may of the kids were visiting with him while waiting for their trees to be bundled up. I thought this addition was a nice distraction for the kids.  Though with no indoor escape from the cold Beck Yule Farm lacks a little in the "extras" some of the other local farms offer.  

It's a beaut' Clark! It was BUSY when we went, with only 3 weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year time is limited for getting trees. We had to wait more about 20 minutes in line to have the tree drilled, shaken and bundled before we were able to strap it up to the roof.  We felt that overall the size of the trees at Beck's were smaller than what we were used to cutting (most were under 9 or 10 feet). They may have had a section of taller trees, but we didn't see it.

We would LOVE to hear about your tree cutting adventures, where you go and if you'd recommend it. Comment below and let us know!

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