Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Clips and Cuts and Pixie Dust

Haircuts are not a favorite activity in our household.  With two girls we've avoided them for a long time ( for 4 years + with Chickadee #1 ) given that their long hair has always been manageable and cute (in my opinion) it was never much of an issue.  Additionally I've never really found a local spot that fit the bill for kids haircuts. I was thrilled to learn about Spike and Pixie, located in Stewartsville, NJ.  Just outside Phillipsburg, NJ the drive was only about 25 minutes from Allentown. After realizing the trip wasn't much further than other local options  we made an appointment and went for a visit. Here is what happened.

Our kids were excited when we arrived. Which is kind of surprising because our older one (who's only had one haircut previously) have never really expressed excitement over the idea.  

What kid wouldn't be excited to walk in and see this! Their car seats are the perfect place for little ones to sit while they get their hair trimmed. Each of their three "chairs" have mounted flat screen TV's in front of them making busy little heads much easier to keep still!

For older kids they have larger chairs with video game consoles and TV's mounted in front of each seat.

Chickadee #2 went first and with minor hesitations jumped right into her "ride" and sat beautifully while her hair was cut and styled.  She loved getting to watch a show and was very excited to drive her car.  This was her first haircut and she did great! I credit that to how patient the staff at Spike and Pixie was and to all of their kid friendly entertainment.

Her successful cut was promptly followed up by picking a special treat! 

 Chickdee #1 went next after having her nails painted, after convincing her to wash her hair she happily climbed up into the mini cooper and enjoyed watching a movie while Heather clipped away.

Heather curled and dried her hair which she loved and was very proud of it the rest of the day!

I was thrilled with our experience at Spike and Pixie.  I felt that the setting was perfect for our family.  It was not overly girly making it a great option for families with little boys as well.  The staff was patient and clearly experienced with kids and all of the little extras (styling, painting nails, hair glitter, etc.)  they threw in were included in the cost of the cut (no nickle and diming here!). Most importantly Spike and Pixie is a locally owned, mom run business!  Supporting local businesses is good for our community and feels good. Please consider making an appointment at Spike and Pixie next time your children (or you!) need a haircut. 

Price List: 
Boys haircuts $17
Girls haircuts $20
Baby's 1st haircut package $25
Girls' Updos  $30 and up
Braids $12 and up
Bangs $8

Thanks so much to Spike and Pixie! We love our new haircuts!

Love, Chickadee #1 and Chickadee #2

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  1. My children and I go to Spike and Pixie's and we LOVE it there!! Heather and her staff are wonderful, patient and kind!! They also give a kick ass hair cut. My daughter just got her hair cut today and Heather helped us collect it so we can donate it to charity!! Thank you Spike and Pixie!!!

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