Saturday, December 13, 2014

Local Gift Giving Guide Day 12


Welcome to our 2014 gift giving guide! We are proud to be presenting our followers with an amazing array of unique and creative gift ideas for the little ones in your lives.  

Many times family members want to give but parents don't know what to put on their child's lists!  We have experiences, unique gift ideas, shopping locations and more that make great ways to get the best and most memorable gifts for the kiddos you love!

Ahhh! what are we going to get for mom and grandma for Christmas?!?! Sound familiar?  What does mom love better than a great photo of her family.  With busy lives and kids all over the place, gathering everyone for a beautiful photo of the whole crew get harder and harder as the family grows.

We have been fortunate to be able to gather the family for a large group family photo session that made a great gift for our family members for the holidays!  Even if your session won't be complete until after the new year or even the spring, telling the recipient that they will be receiving that and that everyone will be making time to capture some memories is an amazing gift!

 Even big grownup kids still need that obligatory yearly photo!


Lehigh Valley Find and Go Seek has a wonderful list of local photographers to choose from. Visit our page here to view the list  Our family has used Sabotta Imagery (work shown in the attached photos) for two years now and couldn't be happier with our photos.  Not the mention that our kids seriously LOVE this guy.

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