Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shopping Small in the Lehigh Valley

We are proud to be a small business in the Lehigh Valley and each year our locally based mom owned/operated business supports hundreds of fellow small businesses that are owned and operated here in the Lehigh Valley.  When you buy at small businesses your family puts more money back into the community, helps to create jobs for other citizens and facilitates the unique feeling you get when you walk into a store and meet an owner or shopkeeper that you can personally connect with. Our neighborhoods would not be the same if these businesses ceased to exist, which is a REAL possibility  if families do not make an effort to change where they are spending their money.

We are asking each family that has supported Find&GoSeek by posting an event, sharing a post, browsing our website or by adding a review to take a pledge this year! Pledge any dollar amount that they would normally spend in a chain store to a local business! 

So join us! No matter if it is $10, $20 or $100 any amount makes a difference! 

Here is our pledge, show us yours by sharing this image with #LVFGSlocal on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! 
Use a hashtag like #Ipledge10 or #Ipledge50 to tell us! 

Take the Pledge by using our Hashtag #LVFGSlocal and tell us where you plan to spend your money locally this season! 

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