Thursday, September 8, 2016

Turn Clutter into Cash with JBF!

Consign and Shop with Just Between Friends!

Consign! Turn your full closets into Cash!

Consigning is the EASIEST way to turn your unused kids toys, clothing and gear into Cash! Just register, prepare and price your items, and then drop them at the sale. You then earn 60% of their sales, or up to 75% if they help out at the sale, less a $10 consignor fee, which can also be waived if they are helping out at the sale! There is no need to meet buyers, no posting individual items on yard sale websites, and no haggling on prices. You get access to their FREE online tagging and barcode system to price and tag your items. Finally, any unsold items may be picked up by you or will be appropriately distributed to various Lehigh Valley Non-Profit groups through the Donate.Local.Simple program, a great local organization that helps families find uses for their unused clothing and household items.

Free Consignor Training and Tonight's Consignor 101 PJ Party!

JBF is unique in that they offer a FREEconsignor training program. Once you register you will receive a series of emails that walk you through the step-by-step process of how to consign (with videos and pictures!). They also host an active consignor Facebook group that is really helpful too! RSVP for their Consignor 101 PJ Party TONIGHT, join in the fun from the comfort of your home to ask questions and learn about the consignment process!

Maximize Your Sales!

1. Tag large ticket items first!  Strollers, baby gear, play equipment and other large things sell very well at the sale and they're easy to tag and sort. Plus having these items set aside makes it easy to begin filtering through your smaller items.
2. Inspect! Check for stains, signs on wear and other imperfections. Shoppers will pay more and buy more often when things look new. Follow Just Between Friends on Facebook for more great tips.
3. Get Organized. Sort your items prior to tagging. JBF's tagging system allows to bulk input so if you are entering items that are all the same size or category entering your tags will take a fraction of the time because their system will automatically apply the same category and size to each item!

Let's SHOP!

Shop before the public on starting at noon on October 7th at the Presale! Grab a Presale pass here! There will be plenty of great deals left during the public shopping hours which start Friday, October 7th at 4 pm. Admission is $3 during public shopping hours but you can get in FREE if you reserve a ticket ahead of time by clicking here, Just register and request your FREE tickets.  Shopping hours continue on Saturday an Sunday, October 8th and 9th, is the last day to shop, is 50% off day, where many of our items are reduced to half of their original price!

Want more information?

Check out their website at and follow them on Facebook for announcements and giveaways at you can also contact the sale owners directly at

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