Saturday, November 19, 2016

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

We had the pleasure of checking out Perfect Christmas Tree Farm today to cut down a fresh tree for our home this holiday season. This was a bit of a spontaneous decision, as we usually don't get our tree this early but the weather today was just too good to pass up! Perfect Christmas Tree Farm of Phillipsburg New Jersey, is just a short drive over the Route 22 bridge into NJ and was a picturesque and quaint as its name suggests.  Just a 15-30 minute drive from most points of the Lehigh Valley this farm is simply adorable. With Cut Your Own and Pre-Cut tree options theres something for everyone's needs.

Cutting our own tree has been a tradition in our family for many years, it is the good old fashioned Griswold thing...snow, rain, muddy fields, frozen eyes you get the idea.  Sometimes it involves arguing over which tree is better for a while or visiting as many as 5 or 6 different tree farms in a single day before the quintessential tree has been found. All kidding aside its a pretty special day in our family. Over the years we've gone from getting 1 family tree to 3 and maybe 4 now that us "kids" are all grown up and have homes of our own so it is quite the ordeal.

This place is simply adorable. Mrs. Claus has her own little cabin to visit with the children, share stories and give them a little treat. Only one of our three was brave enough to visit with her but Mrs. Claus was so sweet and patient, she demonstrated her old fashioned toys, sang a song, shared cookies and showed her a book.  She even has a trunk of little treats (ornaments and cute little toys) for the children.

Their little covered bridge is a pretty cute place to snap a family photo, this place is literally filled with photo ops! In fact the farm offers their land to local photographers as a outdoor photo session setting and donates the fees collected to benefit NJ Farmers Against Hunger to help feed families in need this holiday season. Also any trees sold before Thanksgiving will benefit the organization as well.

This is Mrs. Claus' little cabin, staff from the farm was busy making wreathes in the building next door. It wasn't cold when were went, but I imagine on chillier days this would be the perfect place to stop in and warm up. Also, don't miss saying hello to the chickens, they are just a little bit further down the path towards the covered bridge.

Given our expensive experience and apparently rather picky taste in Christmas trees I've been to more than your average number of local tree farms over the past 26 years that I've lived here. So when I find a good one that I've never been to before it gets me pretty excited!

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm prides themselves in offering a huge variety of trees to the public.  They have a convenient map when you arrive to help you find the species you are interested in chopping down.  There were rows upon rows of different kinds of trees.  Just take a look at their map here! Lots of varieties to choose from.


Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is an excellent choice for a family Christmas Tree Hunt! Stop by this weekend for their Farmers Against Hunger Benefit or check them out as they open for the season on Black Friday!

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