Thursday, April 6, 2017

All 4 Kids Consignment - What You Need to Know!

The All 4  Kids Consignment Sale set ups this weekend at Game Time Fieldhouse in Breiningsville! This seasonal event features gently used items of a wide variety and includes clothing for babies, children and teens, toys, games, DVDs, baby gear, maternity wear, outdoor toys, strollers, video games, books and much more!  

We have all of the information you need to shop right here including a live video of the sale before anyone has shopped! Check it out and see is there is something there you must have! 

Not sure what to expect when shopping? Maybe you haven't shopped consignment before and you are curious about quality and price??!! Here's your chance to get the scoop on what our shopping bag looked like! We reveal our brands, prices and all of the great finds from today right here in a live video! 


Here is all the information you need to shop! 

Friday April 7th: 5PM – 8PM
Saturday April 8th : 10AM – 6PM
Sunday April 9th : 11AM – 2PM(50% OFF)
Monday April 10th - Bag Sale! : 10AM – 12PM

Location and Parking Details

Parking and entrance for the event is at the BACK of the Game Time Fieldhouse building. You'll see the large banner at the entrance to the parking lot, then drive to the very back of the lot to reach the entrance. Once there, you can't miss them!

1. Make a list! know what you have already and want you need to shop efficiently
2. Wear! If need to bring a little one - wear them. A carrier will be far easier to use while navigating through the sale.  Umbrella strollers are also welcome! 
3. Bring a small purse or just your wallet in a pocket. Having a bulky purse or diaper bag will just weigh your down.
For even more great tips visit the A4K shoppers page, theres a super cool trick for virtually trying on shoes before you buy!

Did you love what your found? and want more or maybe you can't make it to shop this weekend?All 4 Kids Sales also runs a brick and mortar consignment store called Zoe's Place that is open year round! Their store is open 6 days per week for convenient shopping and their easy to access location in West Allentown is close to major highways. 

Perhaps you were inspired by all the smart moms selling their unused items and making extra money? You can also consign with their brick and mortar store creating an extra income for your family at any time!

A Bigger Mission
Zoe's Place and All 4 Kids Sales is a great place to consign and save money while shopping but they also work to support the community we live in by providing an free community closet for those in need and Free bible studies you can read more about their programs here.

Find more information about seasonal sales and year round shopping at

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