Friday, July 14, 2017

Little World Makes a Big Difference

Little World Makes a Big Difference 

Imagi Nation - A Little World for Big Thinkers ALLENTOWN, PA

In a world where everything is kid-size, a child’s hard work and ambition can prove to be enormous when playing with a purpose. Children who have visited Imagi Nation since its opening in October have taken on the roles of doctors, news anchors, fire fighters and police officers not only for pretend play, but also to make a real difference in their community.

Children are given 20 Biznis Bucks, the currency of Imagi Nation, upon entrance to the pint-size city which they run. They are “paid” an additional 10 Biznis Bucks for each job they complete, however not all occupations yield a paycheck. Positions such as customer or patient require them to manage their money wisely in order to afford things like groceries at the Market or check-ups in the Health & Dental Center. When children earn 50 Biznis Bucks, they are eligible to open a Savings Account and keep track of their earnings as they explore more than 40 different careers. At the conclusion of their visit they make a decision to invest their money and receive interest on a return visit, or donate to one of 3 local charities: American Red Cross Lehigh Valley – Bucks Chapter, Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley and St. Luke’s Hospice for children’s bereavement programs.

Educating children in financial literacy is one goal of the Biznis Bucks program, however owner Wendy Pitts had another idea in mind when creating the concept. “In a ‘selfie- centered’ world, we wanted to provide children with an opportunity to think about the needs of others and experience the joy of giving rather than receiving.” By the end of the first quarter, industrious visitors have earned the local causes over $1,200 and will likely surpass that amount for the next quarter.

Imagi Nation is the Lehigh Valley’s first educational entertainment experience for children with an emphasis on social skill development. Imagi Nation specializes in imaginative play, school field trips, birthday parties, private events, special family events and corporate team building sessions. Visit for more information. A Little World for Big Thinkers ©.

For the first quarter 2017, Imagi Nation kids donated over $1,200 to Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, American Red Cross Lehigh Valley-Bucks Chapter and St. Luke’s Hospice children’s bereavement programs.

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