Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kids Consignment: How to get started!

Considering consignment? Not sure where to start? We've documented our basic system for preparing items to be consigned and making some great money on our unused items here, and we hope it helps get you started! 

First things first! You are going to need a few things to get started. 

Storage Totes come in handy for sorting your items and hauling your items to the sale once you are ready to drop everything off. The Sterilite ones shown here are some of my favorites. We've had many of these for years and they hold up great. Plus I love that they are clear so you can see what is inside of them.

Tagging/Labeling Materials

You can use a few different methods for tagging your items. 

  • One common option is a tagging gun. These allow you to place your tags on just like the stores do!  Safety Pins work well too! 
  • You will need WHITE Card stock for printing your tags! Do not print on paper, the tags need to be durable to be touched and passed through while shoppers look for items. 
  • If your will be selling books, Painter's tape is a great way to ensure the covers do not rip when the buyer removes the tag. 
  • Ziploc or generic sealable plastic bags are perfect for items that have lots of pieces. Check the dollar store for these especially larger sized ones for a more affordable options. 
  • Hangers, lots of them! There's plenty of affordable and free ways to obtain these! Ask friends and family members - especially those who dry clean often (they usually will have lots of un used hangers) Check at retailers to see if they have any they will give you. 


Start by sorting your items into a few labeled bins. 

#1 Toss: Start with a bin for items the first is for items that are too worn to be donated or sold.

#2 Donate: Items that are not is excellent/like new shape generally cannot be sold at a consignment sale, but are still in good enough shape to donate to a worth cause or friend with children of the right age/size. 

#3 Keep: You may run across an item that holds sentimental value you for you that despite being outgrown you decide to tuck it away for a memory box or baby clothing quilt. 

#4 Tag: These are the items that you want to sell and are in good enough shape to wash, prep and tag for the sale. 

#5 Missing Pieces/Needs TLC: This bin contains all of the items that might be needing some help before you prep them for sale. Things like toys that are missing a piece or an item that needs some extra attention to remove a stain. 

You can set aside your Toss, Donate and Keep Bins since you've completed what you need to do with those items for now (though you may find you continue to add to them so don't get rid of them completely!).   Now it is time to take a closer look at your Tag and Missing Pieces bins. 

From here I sort from the Tag bin into two more bins, and utilize the Missing Pieces/TLC bin as needed

#1 Wash/Clean: Items that need to be washed before being tagged or hung up

#2 Ready to Tag: Items that are ready to be tagged bagged and need no additional parts or pieces to complete the item. 

You've successfully begun the first phase of your consignment process! See The Clothing Tree's videos here for some great information on the next phase of preparing your items and how to hang, bag and tag your items for the best presentation and sale results! 

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