Thursday, September 7, 2017

Birthday Party Fun with Imagi Nation

We recently celebrated Middle Chickadee turning FIVE at Imagi Nation and are really excited to share our experience with everyone.  Imagi Nation is one of the newer birthday party locations in the Lehigh Valley so we hope you learn something!

This was the first time that we hosted a birthday party for one of our kids outside of our home, so it was really a whole new experience for us.  The preparation that it takes to get ready to host even a small get together in your home is exhausting. Cleaning, rearranging furniture, making food and then cleaning up again after the whole thing is over is quite the headache. Our party at Imagi Nation was an absolute breeze! The staff at really took care of everything for us! I actually had a mini panic attack the morning of the party because I realized I didn't prepare anything!

The staff at Imagi Nation was excellent, patient with the children and really helped our little one feel special on her special day. They kept the event moving at a very comfortable pace and still fit in each of the important elements of the celebration.

We visited Imagi Nation a few months back and after having to literally drag the kids out the front door when our session was over, it occurred that this might be a great place to celebrate a birthday!


The Enterprises 

Imagi Nation features a number of different "Enterprises" that help children experience all kinds of occupations and community experiences. Children can fulfil orders for ice cream, act a part, go shopping and more! These are the different spaces featured at Imagi Nation

In the Media Center children can put on a show, create a live broadcast, or read the news just like a real anchor.

The Market Cafe and Recycling Center is a family favorite. Children enjoy shopping, cooking and checking out customers at that cashier station! Right outside the door is the Post Office, deliver and send mail from Imagi Nation!

The Manufacturing Center allows children to pack, fulfill and ship out orders from the ice cream factory! 

The Health Center is all set up with a dentist chair, receptionist's desk, a baby nursery, and X-Rax examination space! 

Their Fire and Police Center is all set up for little rescuers to get trained for the job.

The Creation Station is full of activities for building, creating and play! Design a logo for a new ice cream

For our party we opted for a Make Your Own Ice Cream Experience! The might be one of the coolest features of Imagi Nation Birthday Parties. Children get to choose and add flavoring to plain vanilla ice cream and mix until their heart is content! Then they get to choose from a variety of delicious toppings and mix ins to add to their signature flavor!  


Ice Cream Making was AWESOME... 
  • Children with allergies could easily choose something that fit their needs. The facility does not offer nut products as mix in or topping options. 
  • Everyone got something exactly the way they like it! 
  • All of the leftover ice cream went home with the kids and we didn't need to toss half of a sheet cake into the garbage after each kid ate the frosting off or only took two bites!

There are a few features in particular that really stand out that we thought made this party just perfect. 

  • The playtime was actually directed by the birthday child, she chose the activity spaces that she wanted to go to and our staff person from Imagi Nation ushered our group to each space following her lead and then helping us to move on when she decided she wanted to play somewhere else. It didn't feel rushed or hurried as some parties often feel and it worked perfectly for our group. 
  • The effort we needed to put forth to plan/host/throw the party was non-existent Imagi Nation took care of everything for us, and even had a printable invitation we could use to send out to our friends! I threw together a quick favor but even that wasn't necessary. 
  • There was no clean up afterwards, we picked up the few items we brought and were on our way! Plus our house was still clean (or at least the way we left it!) when we got home!
  • Imagi Nation provided each of our guests to return for a discounted visit which was fantastic!
  • Additionally each Imagi Nation Ambassador is a certified and experienced educator skilled in engaging children in play while developing their social skills.  This is an element that really helps Imagi Nation stand out! Parents can relax knowing that their children are being entertained and well cared for by professionals. The staff that worked with us doing the party was outstanding. 


We owe an ENORMOUS thank you to Imagi Nation for hosting us for this most spectacular Birthday Party and letting us share our thoughts about the experience with all of our readers! 


You don't need to wait for a party to visit! 
You can stop by to visit them during one of their daily open play sessions, see our recent article about their space, open play and more fun here

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