Monday, October 9, 2017

Four Money Saving Apps for Moms

Before kids I used to spend my Sunday mornings clipping coupons and hopping from store to store stocking up on free diced tomatoes and paper towels for 9 cents.  It was fun! I loved the hunt, matching up coupons and saving money. I actually started a blog to share the deals I found locally (my first blogging gig!) but soon after kids came and a house and than more kids and another house and couponing went out the door.  

I still like saving money (who doesn't!?) but I just didn't have the time to do it like I used to. So over the years I've caught on to a few different (and easier) ways to save some moolah without the headache.

If you're not already on ebates, you must sign up! Most people have caught on to this one already but its a MUST mention! This is a great way to get cash back from items you buy online. It doesn't cost you anything to join, just click through their website or their app when you order an item from participating online stores you rack up money (between 1% and 10% of your purchases) every time you buy - keep an eye out for special double cash back days. I've racked up nearly $200 back in cash since I've been a member.

My NEW favorite is ibotta. This is an awesomely easy way to earn cash from things you already buy and TONS of local stores.  Before you shop just scan their app for rebates for all of the stores you shop at, add them to your account. After you shop simply snap a photo of your receipt and the app automatically adds credits to your account for every matching rebate (double check! sometimes it misses things!).

Some rebates are "any item" rebates meaning you get cash for buying anything at the store, others are not brand specific so you can choose items you already buy and stick to your regular brands and still get cash and others offer money back for buying specific products. Join now and get $10 for redeeming your first receipt! I've racked up over $48 in cash back in less than 8 weeks of using the app! Your money can then be transferred to paypal its super easy!


Up next is Shopkick! This one is pretty fun - if you remember supermarket sweep - the incredible Lifetime gameshow of the 90's where people ran through grocery stores spending as much money as they could to win money ... Shopkick is similar - well OK that might be a a bit of a stretch but you do get to search stores for specific products are earn points for scanning or buying select items. You also earn a point for every dollar you spend - just scan your receipt at the end of each trip.

You can choose different rewards to work towards (Target, Walmart or Starbucks gift cards and more!). Plus just by turning the app on when you walk into a store you'll earn points! Sign up now here!


Shoparoo is a little bit different because it doesn't actually earn YOU money but it does help local schools earn cash from your reciepts. My favorite part of this app is that it doesn't care where you shop. You can generate money for your child's school if your shop at locally owned mom and pop shops or larger national stores too!

Just download the app here select the school you'd like to support and snap those receipts. You can snap photos as you go or collect your receipts and enter them all in at a time. You have 7 days after a purchase to add your purchase to the app. If your school isn't on the list you can apply to have them added!

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