Monday, December 18, 2017

Turkey Hill Experience: A Review

We've been working on expanding our resources for local families by reviewing more regional attractions! Who doesn't love a good day trip!? Over the past few months we've added reviews and information on the Blog about Hershey Park Christmas Candy Lane, Knoebels, Legoland Discovery  Center (coming soon!) and our next one features Turkey Hill Experience!

We took the kids out for a day trip to Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA a few months back to meet up with some college friends and to check out the attraction. I for one LOVE ice cream and have been interested in checking it out for a while.


The drive out from the Lehigh Valley is super easy - a simple drive out 222 will take you about an hour and a half to get there.  We found it was really easy to find because honestly there really isn't much else that exists in Colombia, PA. Parking was easy, we were able to park right on site and walk right up to the entrance. I believe on days when it is busier they do utilize a shuttle service for patrons in case parking in the moderately sized lot is at capacity. Take a look at directions to the facility here.

Plan your Visit
Check their annual calendar for open dates and hours, take note of holiday hours/closing dates. Then you'll need to choose exactly what you want to do while you are there! There are a few different options for things to do while you visit Turkey Hill Experience! Choose from "The Experience" "The Taste Lab' and their "Tea Discovery"

The Experience
This is the largest part of the attraction and where you can really spend the most of your time. Keep in mind that this isn't a true factory tour but an 'experience' similar but smaller in scale to what Crayola Experience offers in Easton as in it is not an actual working factory.  Children can try on their own hat (see above) and practice sorting flavors.


  You will find interactive exhibits that teach children about how Ice Cream and Turkey Hill's famous Iced Tea is made. Unlimited ice cream tasting of some of their classic flavors (they're different each time you visit!) and tea tasting.  You will also find science information about how ice cream is made, experience sniffing out different flavors and you can even star in your own ice cream commercial.

There is indoor place space for toddlers including a slide, and small ball pit. Children of all ages can easily enjoy the exhibits, though older ones will certainly get more from it than younger ones, theres definitely fun to be had by all. Ages 2+ would be ideal.

Within the Experience you can also sample delicious Turkey Hill iced teas too!

The Taste Lab 
A make your own flavor experience!

This is booked separately from your regular ticket and really should (highly suggested) be booked in advance because this is popular and the spaces are limited and fill quickly especially on the weekends.

You'll add flavoring, mix ins and combine it all to make your own signature flavor. My only criticism of this part of the visit was that it wasn't truly "ice cream" but soft serve. In my opinion it doesn't really count as "ice cream" and doesn't taste as good either.

The reasoning behind using soft serve is that it is softer and easier to stir than a traditional hard ice cream would be, which I understand but that also creates another problem.  My additional minor criticism is that the portions are quite large and due to the experience of creating  and mixing the flavor taking up a bit of time my kids were mostly left with soup by the end. They definitely enjoyed the process but very little got eaten and there was no way to take it home and keep it cold.

Criticisms aside I do still highly recommend including this in your visit because it extends the time you get to spend there and it really is fun for the kids.

Tea Discovery
Learn all about the history of tea while you sip and sample a wide variety of tea flavors and types. We didn't experience this option while we visited, as our average group age seemed a bit young to appreciate it. But what fun for a tea lover. You can learn more about this option for your visit

We definitely enjoyed our visit to Turkey Hill Experience and recommend it as a great day trip for any season. 
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Absolutely no compensation was received in exchange for this article. We visited this attraction on our own accord and paid full price admission, we also will not receive any type of compensation should you decide to visit. We have shared this information solely for the benefit of local families. The reviews and opinions are completely ours and have not been influenced by Turkey Hill Experience.

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