Wednesday, June 6, 2018

8 Summer Fun Activities to Beat Boredom!

There are going to be those days where the weather doesn't work for outdoor activities or everyone just needs a chill day at home away from the heat.  I can put money down on how quickly my kid is going to be begging for "something FUN!".  I like to stock up (and hide) on a few things the kids love to do at home but are special treats - not our normal arts + crafts or toys we usually pull out. Here are some of our favorites.  ALL of these products are items we use and love. We would never share, post or write about something we wouldn't purchase or use in our own home!

 Mad Mattr is similar to kinetic sand but with a finer, more dense texture. The "Mattr" forms into bricks with this little kit and you can build with them. I promise your kids will be obsessed with this stuff.  It is much easier to manage than Play Doh and a lot more fun.

Go analog with a set of walkie talkies! MY kids LOVE these, they play hide and seek and give each other clues to find their hiding spaces.  The "talk' to each other while they are in the same room, which is hilarious. The range on these is pretty great and could even work with neighbors close by. Additionally these are a great more durable alternative for keeping in touch while on vacation at the beach if you are trying to unplug you can use these to radio down to family for a drink or snack from the beach house!

Depending on how old your kids are Pools and slip and slides might be a bit out of reach just yet but water tables are one of my favorite go to summer toys for kids under 3. Plus if you are brave enough a vinyl table cloth (for water proofing) and a few towels make these easy to use inside!  We have the one pictured above and my kids have played with it for years.

These Melissa and doug travel books  are wonderful for both at home and traveling. They are mess free and offer hours of entertainment for the car while traveling, in hotels, at the pool or just while having a quite day at home. The water wow versions are like small aquadoodle pads that can be used over and over just by filling the small pen with water.  Aqaudoodles are awesome too especially for at home. 

I'm that mom who buys those giant school activity books to keep up with skills over the summer. If you are also that mom you can grab these at the Dollar Tree! They also have flash cards there and you can easily stock up to successfully annoy your children all somer long for under $20.  They seemed to have more books geared towards younger children at the location I visited. We have these ones which I grabbed last summer for my older kiddo.

Waterbeads are a blast and quite the sensory experience! Fill a bin or water table with these and the kids will entertain themselves! We absolutely LOVE these and they're great fun indoors or out.

I love buying some small storage bins and stocking them up with random materials - recyclables like toilet paper tubes, beads, pipe cleaners, glue, tape, rubber bands and more. My kids call ours "the boxes of fun". They use them to "build projects" glue, tape, color and combine materials to make whatever they want. Its kind of an open ended kid of craft kit that kids can use however they like.  

Bracelet making is one of those timeless things every kids should spend time doing in the summer! Beadingweaving, or using rubber bands. Grab some materials and spend an afternoon teaching them all the tricks you learned when you were in summer camp back in 1993!

The Spark Kitchen Sink and Just Like Home Kitchen Sink run on 2 AA batteries and pumps water through the back of sink like a champ. It recycles the water over and over and kids can easily turn it on and off using the little faucet handle.

I believe it to be the only toy sink/kitchen item that actually has working water that does not require hand pumping to make it flow. The Little Tykes Splish & Splash Sink which also seems super cute is similar but the child or parent needs to pump the water by hand to get it to flow.

These things are now coming back into stock regularly so keep an eye on or click here for a direct link to try and grab one! They also are available a few other places including Amazon.

We have a whole board of awesome activities from bloggers who specialize in crafts and fun stuff to do with kids including a few featured by a fellow local blogger - Inner Child Fun. Create your own board or just follow ours and fun something your kids will love. 

Still searching for something!? There is always something going on to be found on the event calendar! You can stop by anytime you like to look for something to do and we are always new and exciting things going on throughout the summer!

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