Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Best Gift That Wasn't On The List: Unique Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

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Remember that $2 bus you bought at the garage sale 6 years ago that has been your kid's favorite toy for life?  Gifts can be so overthought and over the years we've been blessed to find some amazing toys that seem so simple yet are the most used, played with and well loved in our house. So we are thrilled to present "The Best Gift That Wasn't On The List"!

Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon

I picked this little guy up at a consignment sale recently. I jokingly sent a picture of it to my sister in law who was looking for a new wagon (to put children in).  I grabbed it on a whim because it was in really great shape and was priced fairly.  I had planned to sneak it away to gift for the holidays but I didn't get a chance. My 3 year old saw this thing and it was like the best day of her short life.  She hauls everything from ponies, to play food to dolls and rocks around it it! Even at the modest $15 price point this is a great buy that your kids will never see coming. 

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Magnet Tiles 

These have become rather popular these days in day cares and preschools but in homes they can be a bit of an "investment" type toy since they can be a bit pricey. These get used daily in our house - they're used to build houses to put figurines in, castles, bridges and just about anything else. 

These car accessories are an awesome add on to extend your kids' play!

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Kid O Magna Tab 

These magnetic tablets are some of the best money I've ever spent! The tiny holes have small secured magnet balls inside them that are gently pulled up with the magnet pens to create patterns, images or letters. These come in a variety of styles (including uppercase, lowercase, cursive and free play - seen in red below). These make incredible toys for restaurants or waiting while big brother/sister is at practice.

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Balance Board

This was on "my" list to buy for the kids last year and while none of them ever asked for it, it is also one of the few things that get used every day! It may seem odd but this "toy" (if you can call it that) has endless opportunities for play. It is a slide, a bridge, a tool for balancing on, a stool, a rainbow the possibilities are endless! My children like to rock on it while they stand at a table and play or use it to help build a fort! Additionally its something that grows with them. It makes an amazing tool for a busy kiddo who needs to move while doing their homework - rocking on it while standing to complete worksheets or spelling papers if a great way to calm the body.

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Indoor Pod Swings

Winter can be torturous especially in the North East, toys that help bring that active outdoor element inside are wonderful. We mounted one of these in our basement last winter and created a great little outlet for movement on cold days when we couldn't be outdoors. We personally recommend one that comes with a mounting kit*

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Create lasting memories, meaningful conversations and a keepsake with this awesome book! ITs designed so that you ask you children one question per day for a year and the following years you repeat the questions documenting how their responses change over the years. 

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I find that while my children really enjoy playing games with us at home they are not something anyone ever asks for.  Growing up we always had a tradition that we would get a new family game on Christmas morning. My dad would take the time to research the coolest most up and coming board or trivia game and we'd pass our lazy holiday at home playing that and many other games we had in the house. It is still something he does today even now that we're grown up! 

Here a few our of favorites! See a full list here. 

This is a great one for older kids and adults. Its appropriate for mixes ages too. Very funny and entertaining.

This Game is a TON of fun for the whole family (ages 10+ and adults) We had a blast playing it during the whole christmas break last year and right now it is 25% off!

This one is perfect for eager preschoolers and younger children who want in on the game action! Some adult support will be needed but its a lot of fun and it keeps kids active and moving!

Spot It!

This is another great one for younger kids to get in on the game playing.  An array of cards is placed out on the table or floor and players have to look for multiple cards that have the same images of varying sizes, the first to shout "Spot it!" keeps the matching cards. Super simple, super fun and compact too. The price point is under $8 which makes it a great buy too!

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