Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall in the Valley

Fall in the Valley
Last week we released our "Fall in the Valley" newsletter. It has been a busy past few weeks around here with tons of fall related trips all over! Though we are nearly halfway through October already and Christmas carols will be sneaking in in a matter of weeks there is still LOTS of time to enjoy some fun fall activities. The fall fun category has local trick or treat nights listed on the calendar, lehigh valley halloween parades, fall festivals and more!

Here is a link to our newsletter: Fall in the Valley, October 2013
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Finding even MORE on Find and Go Seek!
Our event calendar gets hit after hit day after day! and we are so excited to see that!

There's so much more to the site though,  take a look along the left side of the screen when you visit You will see the interest tabs which allow you to browse through categories of kid-friendly entertainment, classes, attractions. Even find child care listings and preschools.

Share your opinion
There is nothing like another mom or dad telling you about a place that they LOVE (or don't love), these recommendations make finding everything you want and need for you kids so much easier.  
Help other families by sharing your opinion with Find and Go Seek! Add a review or two and give back to our community by helping others find the BEST and avoid the not-so-good! Get on now and tell the Lehigh Valley what you think! get started sharing reviews!

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