Saturday, November 16, 2013

Giving Back

As many of our followers know we have a strong partnership with Paper Bag Child and we were thrilled when we were asked to join in helping to adopt an apartment at the brand new addition of the Sixth Street Shelter, in Allentown. As residents of the Lehigh Valley and a strong supporter of local non-profits we are proud to spread the word about this amazing effort.  We feel that as a partner in the in helping families connect with local resources, events and activities is it vital to recognize that some families are less fortunate.  By assisting in getting them back on their feet we are, in a small way, helping to build healthy and happy families in the Lehigh Valley.

Trish of Paper Bag Child has poured her heart and soul into making the most beautiful, welcoming apartment possible for the families that will be living there.  The past few months she has been blessed by generous donations from members of the community businesses who have opened their doors for fundraisers and generous people willing to sacrifice their precious time to help in pulling this project together.

This ongoing project came to a peak today when all of the gathered donations were brought to the shelter to be set up, assembled and to fill the empty shelves of the space.  Thank you to Trish for organizing and delegating everything to each of your helpers to make such an amazing home for these families.

Most importantly, this is an effort that will be continuously needing community support.  As the Shelter receives families into the apartments, new materials, supplies, donations and more will be needed for many years to come.  If you have an interest in helping to give back by donating used housewares, bedding, toiletries, non-perishable foods or have a connection to a local business that would like to get involved please contact Trish at  Don't forget to follow her new blog as well to stay in touch with all things that are happening!

              The beautiful quilts on the beds were hand made by the women of First Presbyterian Church in Allentown.

What is Paper Bag Child?
Paper Bag Child connects local non-profits to the community by providing an easy way to find out where your used items can be helpful to those in need.  The website has wish lists for numerous organizations a few of which are listed below. Events are organized to collect items for various projects, fundraisers and other charity events are publicized to generate awareness and increase support.  Finally, Paper Bag Child partners with local business owners to enlist their support in supporting these non-profits

Mary's Shelter
Sixth St. Shelter
Third St. Alliance
The Coco Foundation
Click here for a full list of participating non-profits

 Thank you to all of the sponsors that participated in helping to furnish and decorate the apartment!

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