Tuesday, May 9, 2017

3 Tips for Saving Money on Kids' Clothing and Reducing Laundry Headaches!

Over the years I've found lots of great ways to save on our kids' clothing and ways to make dressing them easier. Here are a few of my favorites.

 I love shopping seasonal consignment sales and resale stores, even thrift stores! If you are looking for some local children's consignment stores check out our list!  We have also found using sizes for long periods of time (dresses can turn into shirts and hole filled pants can become shorts!)

Streamlining your kids clothing is an awesome way to both make laundry simpler and make dressing them easier is HUGE. Start with Socks.

One day while I was folding laundry and realized that half of the time I spent folding was dedicated to matching socks of various colors and patterns and textures and sizes (SO FRUSTRATING!). I would sort, match and fold and somehow always end up with 15 socks that didn't match each other. HOW?!!?? I decided to start from scratch. I took out all out my kids socks washed them all and matched those that I could, donated them and tossed those that didn't match anything or recycled them for projects - YEP I got rid of all of our socks - every. last. pair.  For a fresh start I went to Target and picked a single style of sock for each kid.  I bought three packs of each style for each kid (I recommend packs that include all identical socks that are all one color.)

One kid got bobby socks, one got crew and another kid got sport socks - all in white. This means no more matching because all the socks MATCH EACH OTHER!  Plus white socks match every outfit. Beware, it is actually hard sometimes to find sock packs that match these criteria. The Sock makers don't seem to like selling socks that all match each other - Theory: This is so we keep buying ALL the socks... because they never match.

Next, eliminate the items from their wardrobe that never seem to match anything when you try to create outfits. Kids will be better able to dress themselves if their clothing items easily match each other! This makes your mornings easier if you don't need to micro manage what they choose to wear and created more options to create easily matched outfits out of their clothing.

But the BEST tip by far that I've found (especially if you have multiple kids of the same gender like I do) is to buy things that LAST! I am 100% willing to pay a bit more for something if it means I won't need to buy it again for the next 2 kids. Buying something once and using it three times is pretty easy math.

The cheaper items don't usually make it from kid to kid. That being said we've had an awesome experience with Cat & Jack From Target their prices really can't be beat - PLUS all Cat & Jack items come with a 1 year guarantee- just keep your receipt! Our Cat & Jack leggings are the only ones without holes thus far (so yeay!)

From the time I was pregnant I was picky with the my kids' clothing.  I have always been drawn to solids, simple stripes and polka dots and I rarely (if ever) allow my kids to wear clothing items with text, slogans or phrases on them.

Solid colors and simple patterns are just easier to match with everything (see streamlining tip) and when these come along with great quality I am SOLD. These staple items make it simple to dress the kids no matter what is clean (I admittedly am not so good on keeping up with laundry).  So when I learned about Primary.com  I wished creating this company was my idea because I can't remember how many times I wanted solid color or simple clothing items that just couldn't be found in stores!

Primary.com sells only solid color clothing items with "no logos, no slogans, no sequins". Just really simple solid kids apparel and many of their items are even gender neutral - making them easy to hand down for boys to girls and girls to boys.

After seeing a friend's daughter wear some dresses from Primary.com a few different times I was intrigued to check out the brand. The colors on their items were bright and bold and the fabric always felt think and durable.  I saw that some of their popular shirts were on sale one day I clicked over to explore the pricing and stumbled across a coupon code which really cut my cost down. Click here for your personal discount code (look at the banner in the top of the page!)!

Some other brands we've been really happy with over the years are Crazy 8, Gymboree, and Janie and Jack. Keep an eye out for some awesome coupon codes. Gymboree and Crazy 8 often offer 40% off their ENTIRE store which really can get you some killer deals.

We hope these tips help you make your life a bit easier and save you some moolah! 

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