Monday, May 8, 2017

A new Space for Imagi-Nation!

Imago-Nation is the Lehigh Valley's coolest new attraction for kids! Their indoor children's space is 100% hands on and interactive! Many people have compared the space to Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum.  Imagi-Nation brings many of the similar elements of a classic children's museum to the Lehigh Valley!

Children can be whatever they want to be when they visit 

My kids loved the grocery space! The shopped and "checked" and play in there for the most time of all the rooms. We even worked on some adding and subtraction skills using the cash register while we were there! I nearly had to forcibly remove the children from this room when it was time to leave! 

Imagi Nation is located right in Dorney Park's back yard and makes an excellent indoor activity to check out when the weather isn't ideal for being outside. 

3313 Hamilton Boulevard
(rear Dorneyville Shopping Center next to Dorney Park)
Allentown, PA 18103​
(610) 841-5919

  • This space in impeccably maintained. The facility is clean and bright and offers children easy access to all of the materials. The staff takes care to clean up and reset the place spaces so each child feels as if they are entering a space that has been set up just for them. 
  • They do ask that you take care to clean up as you go to help make sure others can enjoy their visit as well.
  • There are limited exits in the space making it easy enough to manage if you have children to are hard to keep track of/
  • Bathrooms and a changing table are available to guests.
  • Children of all ages will enjoy their visit for different reasons, Imagi Nation has made it possible for older children to move through the different rooms and complete tasks to earn "biznis bucks" which they cash in or bank for a future visit before they leave. Younger children will simply love playing in the spaces and manipulating the materials. 
  • Choose a time. Please double check on their Facebook page for any changes in their schedule due to parties or other special events.
  • Need more details? Just click here to visit to their website and find what you need! 

Our Thoughts 
Imagi Nation is a space our area has needed for years. It is climate controlled which is huge for both summer and winter escapes from the weather.  I found Imagi Nation to be a great place to re-connect with my kids in the midst of our crazy lives and really be able to sit down and play with and focus on them.  The owners have done an excellent job executing a plan to create a great local place for kids to play and create.  I'm thoroughly impressed by the cleanliness of the space, their attention to detail in placing materials back before a new session begins and their dedication to provide an environment that allows children to be autonomous and lead their own play.  Our children are constantly asking about going back since our most recent visit.  Imagi Nation is absolutely worth a visit for you are a Lehigh Valley native or just visiting and looking for something for the kids to do!



The TV studio is set up for the budding drama star or newscaster. a large scale desk is all ready for kids to come read prompts from the news or put on a show for all the world to see! 


The mail station is adorable and was also a favorite when we visited Imagi Nation!
(Thats my kid begging me to stay longer...)


Fire Truck fans will enjoy this themed play area! Theres also a rumor that a full scale fire engine will be taking up residence here soon! 

 Here is the shot of the main space at Imagi Nation. Theres ample space for kids to move from room to room and this space doubles as a party space for families who opt to host a party at Imagi Nation!  I attended a party here with my daughter a few months back and it was roomy and spacious.  Some of the moms who accompanied their kids were comfortably able to sit an relax while the children ate some pizza.  Ample space for adults who attend children's birthday parties is a rarity. I usually end standing scrunched up next to a wall and awkwardly moving around to accommodate the host or staff at the facility.

This is the "Creation Station" a room filled with things that children can create, build with and challenge their inner artist by creating a masterpiece with recyclable materials or design an eye-catching logo or promotional piece for a brand new ice cream flavor. Little ones can be creative too as they build innovative towers and structures with their popular assortment of building blocks, bricks & gears!

The manufacturing center is the “hub” of Imagi Nation as it’s here where new products are invented and produced. Kids can sort, pack ship and work to label their products in this room.  My kids enjoyed this room a lot. They sorted both the ice cream and the bins and really enjoyed using the rolling conveyor belt!

Here's a picture of the health/dental center at Imagi Nation! They have a real dentist's chair, reception desk and swiveling chair and babies to take care of while the doctor is in!

Perhaps the most unique feature of Imagi Nation is their on site Ice Cream Lab! Staged as a mad scientist's lab this space allows children to gather at the lab for some ice cream experiments and taste testing! A taste testing experience is included with admission! 

Families can also opt to add on a full flavor making experience on to their visit.  This allows children to choose a flavor of ice cream, work to combine it into their ice cream base and their choose items to mix in to their creation! The upgrade is an additional $4.95 per person and tickets can be purchased at the admission desk.

My kids were super excited about this part of the visit! We can't wait to go back! 

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