Friday, June 24, 2016

The Ups and Downs of Family Photos

Everyone knows that having family photos done can be incredibly painful if your kids don't cooperate or if the photographer isn't patient with your rambunctious kids, there's so many factors to consider!  We schedule sessions twice each year usually around birthday time for the kids and towards the end of fall to get a holiday photo. From choosing what to wear to all of the variables that go into collecting children and adults to get grabbing the perfect family photo it can be quite overwhelming.

We recently had our kiddos spring birthdays and scheduled a session with Sabotta Imagery for some good old fashioned family photos and a little smash session for our youngest.

We've been working with Jeff for a number of years now and this guy couldn't make the family photo experience more chill, his attitude is the best and somehow always captures my kids showing their true personalities.  In past photo sessions our older kids fought to hold his hands while exiting the session, thats how much they like him!



As my kids grow it is becoming more and more evident how quickly they change and that it is not only that we need to capture their little faces and precious smiles and how they have grow but freezing their spunky, unique little personalities in time that is where the value is!

That silly attitude or the goofy smile or the fancy twirl that is a must for every dress that is what really matters.  Whatever your choice is for photography if it is a professional or if you are just snapping on your iPhone, let your kids be themselves. Let them stick their tongue out between their  missing teeth or allow your 3 year old to wear her $1 store necklace for the photos even if it wasn't part of your "vision".  In 15 years you won't be worried if you got the PERFECT smile you'll want to see pictures of her as HER when she was 3 in that silly necklace she wore all summer long or a fancy twirl that was required with every outfit.

It makes me crazy emotional to think that in 10 years how different our family will look with 3 teenagers who barely will have the time of day for their super un-cool parents.  I'm basking in these photos of our kids climbing all over us because truthfully we will never be more loved by them than we are right now... ENJOY!

A huge thank you to one of our favorite guys, amazing photographer Jeff Sabotta, we couldn't be happier to have you as our family photographer and love that you have gotten to see and capture our family as it grows year after year!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Packable Pails - LVFGS Goes to the Beach

With summer here, I have a super cool and handy new accessory to feature! Recently I reached out to Packable Pails about trying out their product, and they kindly agreed to allow us to try out and feature their signature item. 


Their Packable Pailsfirst caught my eye on @babyguynyc - a hugely popular baby/kid product expert, if you have littles and don't follow him yet, DO IT, you'll thank me later.  Anyways, summer after summer I throw away the cheap pails I picked up before vacation because they crack, end up with broken handles or just plain stink because they too flimsy or cheap.  Plus, they always are also a major pain to pack and haul to the beach because they're bulky and take up a ton of space. 

Packable Pails are none of these things, they're study, made out of very strong plastic, much thicker than your average Dollar Store Pail and here's the kicker, they collapse! With a unique silicone base the pail goes from a larger than average Pail into a compact package thats only about 2-3 inches high. 

Now what good is a pail that collapses if it doesn't make a good sand castle?! I tested it out and found that not only does it make a decent sand castle but because of the Pail being collapsable it actually functions as two sizes. You can use it both it is fully extended size (see 3, above) and the partially extended size (see 2, above). The Pail has the classic sand castle details in it making it great for building with. 



Image Courtesy of Sabotta Imagery Photography

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