Friday, June 23, 2017

Fourth of July Celebrations in the Lehigh Valley

We've got your guide to fun on the fourth! Theres TONS of events, activities and fireworks to check in Allentown, Bethlehem Easton and beyond all throughout the Lehigh Valley this year! 

The celebrations aren't just limited to the fourth this year! With the holiday falling on a week day celebrations are spilling into the weekends before and after the fourth making it easy to enjoy lots of different celebrations and festivities and multiple fireworks displays if you like!

We have over 20 local options to celebrate our nation's independence in the Lehigh Valley region! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Ju-Ju Monkey features new product!

I was recently selected as a tester to try out a new product by Oil Change Aromatherapy - offered exclusively at Ju-Ju Monkey in Allentown.  We received their Mend 01 Formula and tested it out on a weird rash that popped up on our toddler (23 months)! It can be tough as a mom to know the right the products to use for every little irritation, rash, boo-boo, and scrape. This product solves that problem though because it literally helps just about everything!!

These bottles are formulated by hand with careful attention to proper dilution rates for the essential oils included as part of the formula by a certified aromatherapist. They come in a super easy to use spray bottle that is a breeze to apply to even the squirmiest kiddo.

Our toddler's mystery rash was confined to her chest and we were able to snap a few photos to track how well it works. The photos below were taken about 36 hours apart and after only 3 applications. Within an another 24 hours (2 more applications) from the time second photo the rash was completely gone, without a trace of it ever existing. 

After clearing the rash above we have found Mend 01 to be helpful with diaper rash, bug bites and minor scrapes! This stuff is an incredible product to keep within arm's reach that we can confidently recommend! 

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Your can purchase your own at Ju-Ju Monkey in Allentown or order online by selecting your product size (2 oz. or 4 oz.