Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Literacy Center Presents Storybook Theatre

Last year we had the pleasure of going to The Literacy Center's Storybook Theatre program.  Their presentation of Terrific Tales and Staggering Stories included a rotation though a number of rooms with various presentations and activities.

Kitty Jones a well known local storyteller presented Grace the Pirate and some swashbuckling tales for the children. She will return for the 2015 edition to present Cinderella to children and families at the event. While my 18 moth old at the time was a bit too wiggly to attend to the activities our soon to be 4 year old thought the stories were wonderful and was very interested in watching the show. 

We loved our superhero capes from Lehigh Valley Health Network Children's Hospital! 

Crafts were provided by Michael's 

Exploration activities and science experiences were presented by the daVinci Science Center and their volunteers.  Kids experimented with making items float balancing and much more.

                       Some hands on building  materials were available for younger children.


We are proud to be supporting this great family event for The Literacy Center again in 2015 and look forward to attending again this year.  Last year's event was well organized and presented in a way so that the attendees were grouped to enjoy the various presentations as 3 different audiences.

On our way out of the event we were able to choose a book for our children to take home.  They were thrilled with their choices and enjoyed reading them and looking at the pictures. as we left  The Literacy Center does an amazing job of making storytelling exciting and fun for children and truly helps instill a love for books and literacy through this event by encouraging families to read with their children.

This year’s highlights include international Illusionist David Caserta and local entertainer Kitty Jones.  Both performers will emphasize the importance of literacy and reading in a fun and exciting way for children and their families. Having performed around the country for the past 20 years, David creates the illusion of impossibility while conjuring up feelings of wonder and amazement.  Kitty Jones, with more than 25 years’ experience of original  interactive theatre, combines a passion for history and love of theatre.  This year, Kitty will perform the tale of ‘Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother’, offering a fun twist on a classic fairy tale that includes plenty of roles for both boys and girls. In addition to the spectacular performances, we will have the art project and science activity stations that always interest our young attendees and provide new opportunities to learn and have fun.  Also, don’t forget about our ever-popular free book swap, which will be bigger and better in 2015 and offer an even greater selection of books for readers of all ages.

 Stay tuned for further details about the 2015 Storybook Theatre event and for a giveaway to win a set of tickets for your whole family to attend the event. 

Read more about the upcoming event here.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

FInd and Go Seek sees Dinsey on Ice

Our family had the opportunity to go see the opening night performance of Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy at the PPL center.  Parking was super easy as we parked on site and we were able to walk directly from our car right into the arena.  Given that it was one of the coldest nights of the year we were thankful for this convenience! 

Patiently Waiting

I was amazed by the magic that came to life on the ice! The characters, props, and special effects in this show truly brought all of the magic of Disney to the ice! Disney's reputation for flawless entertainment and excellent execution was upheld in thier presentation at the PPL Center.  The show lasted about 2 hours with an intermission about halfway through.  Dress warmly! While it's not freezing in the center it's chilly enough to keep your coat on, so if kids will want to take theirs off make sure to dress them in layers. My husband said his feet were cold in his dress shoes, so boots are probably preferable, especially since it's cold enough outside to need them anyways!  

The kids were on the edge of their seats for the entire show, Ariel was probably our favorite. The show was conducted seamlessly with an intermission perfectly timed for a short break from the action.

Mickey and Minnie

Under the Sea
The show was colorful, engaging and full of energy. The Toy Story presentation was great, with some comic relief even the kids may not get. Tickets are still available for this weekend's shows in Allentown.  Its really thrilling to see a venue like this bring events like this to our area which don't require driving to Philadelphia or Reading or Harrisburg.  I hope to see the PPL center continue to bring family oriented entertainment to the Lehigh Valley for may years to come. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Painting Truffula Trees!

We visited Paint and Party for a fun Saturday morning out.  It was the perfect fit as the story that morning, "The Lorax"by Dr. Seuss was the theme.  Our kids absolutely LOVE this book and had a blast painting their trees.  Paint and Party offers children's story and paint sessions, kids paint classes and family paint sessions perfect for kids 8 and up.  Here's a little summary of our visit! Enjoy! 

 My favorite book quote of all time comes from this classic story!

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 Washing up! Paint and Party has great little stools for kids to climb up and wash the paint off when they are finished with their work.

Washing up! 

The budding artists present their work!

We loved painting our trees so much that the next day our kiddos we inspired to paint some more!I highly recommend this outing as a great family activity, especially after seeing them carry over their inspiration to their art work at home!

Paint and Party will be hosting Story time and Paint on Saturdays at 10am through January!

Visit the Calendar for details, times and upcoming sessions! No registration needed, just drop in!

All photos Copyright of A and C LLC, no reproduction, copying or use of these photos without our written permission is permitted.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kids and Chiropractic Services

We are excited to be extending a warm welcome to Dr. Genevieve Marcier of Premier Chiropractic, located in Emmaus, PA as a guest blogger. She specializes in chiropractic care for children, babies and adults, including expectant mothers. Until recently I was unfamiliar chiropractic care for infants and children was available. Dr. Mercier presents a number of important facts outlining how this type of care can improve your child's quality of life and help cure various conditions they are experiencing.

How to Address Your Child’s Common Secondary Conditions:

Out of all the age groups, infants and kids are probably the most important to get checked for neuro-spinal shifts in their spine, affecting their nervous system. They are developing neurologically more than they ever will during the first 4 years of life (see picture below).

Secondary conditions often arise from the primary condition of a child having a neuro-spinal shift. Trouble breastfeeding, favoring one side over the other, colic, ear-infections, sleeping and other digestive issues are the most common in infants. Sinus infections, lowered immune systems, mental focus disorders and bed-wetting issues are some of the most common in toddlers & older children. These are only a few examples of how your child’s body may be trying to express that there is a neuro-spinal shift affecting their body, preventing the highest quality of life.

There are neuro-muscular indicators associated with these common secondary conditions. Head tilts, a preference to only look to the right or left side, arching of the back, uneven crawling, balancing issues (older kids), and/or standing too early are only some of the examples we look for during a pediatric exam. There are very safe, gentle and specific techniques to address the spine of an infant and child, which looks nothing like on performed on an adult.

For more information or questions, please contact Dr. Genevieve Mercier at or call 610.628.2502.

Find her on Facebook at Premier Chiropractic PA