Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kids and Chiropractic Services

We are excited to be extending a warm welcome to Dr. Genevieve Marcier of Premier Chiropractic, located in Emmaus, PA as a guest blogger. She specializes in chiropractic care for children, babies and adults, including expectant mothers. Until recently I was unfamiliar chiropractic care for infants and children was available. Dr. Mercier presents a number of important facts outlining how this type of care can improve your child's quality of life and help cure various conditions they are experiencing.

How to Address Your Child’s Common Secondary Conditions:

Out of all the age groups, infants and kids are probably the most important to get checked for neuro-spinal shifts in their spine, affecting their nervous system. They are developing neurologically more than they ever will during the first 4 years of life (see picture below).

Secondary conditions often arise from the primary condition of a child having a neuro-spinal shift. Trouble breastfeeding, favoring one side over the other, colic, ear-infections, sleeping and other digestive issues are the most common in infants. Sinus infections, lowered immune systems, mental focus disorders and bed-wetting issues are some of the most common in toddlers & older children. These are only a few examples of how your child’s body may be trying to express that there is a neuro-spinal shift affecting their body, preventing the highest quality of life.

There are neuro-muscular indicators associated with these common secondary conditions. Head tilts, a preference to only look to the right or left side, arching of the back, uneven crawling, balancing issues (older kids), and/or standing too early are only some of the examples we look for during a pediatric exam. There are very safe, gentle and specific techniques to address the spine of an infant and child, which looks nothing like on performed on an adult.

For more information or questions, please contact Dr. Genevieve Mercier at or call 610.628.2502.

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